Green Sands


It was some time ago when I learnt via Can Cook Must Cook that one of my childhood faves was back on the block! Growing up, a sip of Green Sands was a really big deal as it was the closest that I was allowed to ‘alcohol’ (not including the thimble-sized portion of red wine that I was allowed at special dinners). In my teens I took to making my own shandies by combining Carib beer and lemonade, much to my mom’s disapproval and my father’s amusement. Still, Green Sands remained the creme de la creme in my eyes. Then one day it disappeared for reasons that I never ascertained. The vacuum it left was quickly filled by the launch of Shandy Carib and as variant flavours were released the memory of Green Sands faded into an odd sentimental pastiche. Then, as previously mentioned, it returned. And I can only ask myself one thing. Why?

Oh, I’m sure it has its supporters and devotees but for me this is one drink that grew so magnified in nostalgia that it could only be a shadow of its former self once its feet were placed back on the court. Now I find its colour too murky, its taste too bitter. Thoughts that no doubt have come about after years of sweet Shandy indoctrination. Some memories are best left as just that 🙁 But, I can’t resist posting this hilarious 80s’ era Green Sands advert from France that I found on YouTube. Boy am I glad this ad never ran in Trinidad. That woulda seriously kill the vibez 😀 😆

Here’s a snippet of one of the local ads that I -did- grow up with however 😉 The History of Green Sands (in Trinidad)