New Additions To The Hyatt Sushi Menu!

Hyatt Trinidad has added several new items to their sushi menu. Here are some of the new (and not so new) ones I tried recently!

First up was drinks. I normally am a fan of the Toco Boi (Angostura 1919 rum, mint leaves, fresh coconut water, local nutmeg syrup) however this time I was feeling to ‘stir things up’ a little (yes, stale I know lol). Stepping out of my routine I decided it was time to give the ‘”Chutney Rhythm” a try. I didn’t regret it one bit! Angostura white & 1919 rums, fresh mango and native clove syrup, it seemed like just  the sweet and savory jolt I needed to my system.  Mirella of, also a Toco Boi fangirl, decided to join my lead by ordering the Hyatt-ini. I may give that a go the next time around (look at that gorgeous ombre) although I think the Chutney Rhythm is gonna hold on to me for a little bit longer, hehe.

The first new sushi roll that we tried was also the most dramatic. The Flaming Salmon roll is literally lit on fire before your eyes.

The flames dance around the roll, gradually cooking the salmon strips to your preferred degree of doneness.


This is pretty close to cooked through. I myself love my salmon rare to raw so when we requested a second roll that’s how we kept it. I loved the creaminess that the mayonnaise added to the already buttery texture of the salmon. This was a very comforting roll, and is kept from becoming one-note from the salty, crunchy bursts that the tobiko (flying fish roe) provided. If you’re avoiding crustaceans ask for it without the crab sticks.



The second sushi roll that I tasted was the Salmon Katzu Roll (cooked salmon, cream cheese, sriracha, teriyaki sauce, tempura flakes). Thanks to the recently concluded Trinidad & Tobago Restaurant Week and my dinner at Kaizan Sushi, I now know that the term katsu applies to some form of breaded coating. Indeed, in this case the roll is encased by a thin tempura coating. I definitely enjoyed it, and am glad to see more sushi offerings at the Hyatt for those of us who may have to avoid shellfish & crustaceans.



Last on my list was going to be a long standing item on the menu, the Naruto Roll (tuna, salmon, spicy mayo, spring onion, green tobiko). Fortunately I was steered instead towards their Spicy Poke Salmon (salmon, sesame oil, lettuce, Japanese mayo, sesame seed, wakame, sriracha, tongarishi sushi rice, soy sauce). I think I have found a new DeputyDish™! Sure it looks gorgeous above, but it looks, and tastes, even better all mixed up!


Oh yeah, that’s more like it!

This serving can easily serve two or three as part of a multi-dish dinner. Or, one hungry person as a lone dish. At this point I was just being greedy, and was glad that Mirella was happy to help me out. Though, truth be told, I still pretty much finished it off on my own (confessional moment). The bright colors, fresh flavors, the crunchy, the creamy, the umami…  sigh…



At this point, there wasn’t much more to do than to continue to converse and relax while watching the lazy Friday afternoon drift by through the sheer curtains that span the Hyatt Restaurant’s waterfront view. A perfect ending to what had been an extremely hectic week on my side. I’m hearing more and more people state the Hyatt has now become their #1 spot for sushi locally. After the offerings I had this day and earlier this year I’m definitely inclined to agree. How about you?