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Two days after my memorable evening experience at Taste Vinoteca, I was back to give their Lunch Menu a try.  I had hoped to spend the time with a vegetarian friend of mine, however a late business meeting on her end meant that I would be dining alone. One complaint which I have heard about Restaurant Week is the lack of options for those with dietary-restrictions. This year has definitely been the best on record in terms of vegetarian offerings and I hope that this will continue to grow to include not only vegetarian, but also vegan and gluten-free options.  Taste’s Restaurant Week Lunch Menu this year was a vegetarian dream and showed that they are definitely not an option to overlook if you are looking for lunchtime options (vegetarian + meat) in the Maraval area. They even do grab-n-go!





My offerings began with this refreshing white wine sangria. Unlike Paprika’s lush, raunchy red, this blend was cool, crisp and citrusy. Citrus makes for an excellent aperitif and my stomach was definitely primed for what was next!

Pumpkin and Granny Smith Apple soup with buttery toast was the first thing up. The soup was light and not as sweet as you may have expected from the apple (Granny Smiths tend to be tarter). I was temporarily lulled into a false confidence that I could handle all the courses if they were of this size!



And then the Mushroom Toast arrived… 

Confession: Mushrooms are one of my culinary Achilles heels! If the Funghi pizza at La Cantina hadn’t clued you in, this definitely well.  This was definitely another case of the description on the menu belying the generosity of the dish presented. Two heaping portions of the lushest, plumpest sautéed mushrooms on soda bread with basil pesto. Finishing just one left me feeling as though I had had an entire burger. The second slice was just sheer debauchery at that point. Sob! My mother shares my love of mushrooms and I know I have to bring her here just for this offering! Mushroom Toast you were this lunch’s MVP.


A large Apple & Gouda salad quickly followed. I was so stuffed at this point, from all those divine mushrooms, and wondering how a menu that seemed so simple ended up being anything but! This salad would make a great opener to a meal if you were eating in or, you could also have it to go if you’re calorie-counting. The textures and flavors contrast nicely between the creamy cheese, crunchy pecans, tart bites of cranberry and artisan greens, and then the sweet apple.



Dessert was the same cake offerings as on the Dinner menu. However, I felt it extremely important to try them again for um “daylight photo” purposes… and um … to check “consistency” hehe. Happy to say that everything checked out! So, I’ll share my write up from my Dinner menu post.


From: Taste Vinoteca – Dinner Menu (Trinidad & Tobago Restaurant Week 2018)

these cakes were unbelievably light in flavor and texture. The perfect balance and way to end the evening.  I particularly loved the Ginger Chocolate cake. A pairing one would never think of “delicate” somehow was just that. Sublime!

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Taste Vinoteca

Address: Maraval Plaza
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Phone: +1 (868) 323-4830


• Trinidad & Tobago Restaurant Week 2018 Master Post