Trinidad & Tobago: The Culinary “Melting Pot”

Travel Video Television News has an interesting article titled Trinidad & Tobago: The Culinary “Melting Pot”. It takes a look at the various cultural influences on our local cuisine and also highlights the offerings of the major local restaurants

Trinidad & Tobago might not come immediately to mind as one of the few places in the world that offers extraordinary ethnic cuisines. But then again, “foodies” can travel around the twin island nation and taste the colorful history that has left an influence of Arabic, Spanish, African, Chinese, Polynesian, Thai, East Indian, Cajun, and indigenous Amerindian in the cuisine of Trinidad & Tobago.

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Trinidad & Tobago: The Culinary “Melting Pot”

And of course the ultimate in ‘melting pot’ celebrations is Trinidad’s Carnival. The above is a little synopsis of the buildup to the two days of unbridaled revelry. Ending in the Ash Wednesday cooldown at the various beaches around Trinidad. If you look you can see the shark and bake being prepared. Shark and bake (recipe here) is our ubiquitous beach food and it is gooooood. If you are of the kosher persuasion you can request flying fish or kingfish in its place 🙂 Fried fish, a fried puffy dough wrapping and a table of assorted condiments ranging from fiery hot pepper sauce to the tangy sweet of tamarind or even shredded veggies for the health conscious. I myself like to pile on the chadon beni (cilantro) and garlic sauce, add some tamarind, then some pepper sauce and coleslaw (to cool things down) then I’m good to go 🙂

To the Trinis reading this, what do you like on -your- shark ‘n bake? 🙂