BBM 2.0 – Le Saunier Fleur de Sel de Camargue (French Sea Salt)

Sea Salt! I love Sea Salt! I started buying it a few years ago after TruValu stopped stocking kosher salt. I loved its coarse texture, intense flavour and of course, being the health hippy that I was raised to be, its trace mineral goodness. Normally I buy Celtic Sea Salt at HiLoat an obscene price– but lately Cuisine (a local brand) has been producing a sea salt that is very affordable. I don’t know how legit it is (considering the price) but the texture, dampness and taste definitely have us fooled, and a catering family friend was also impressed by it.

Having said that, sea salt was not something I thought I would find in my Blogging By Mail project, so when I saw this gorgeous cork-topped container with ‘Fleur de Sel‘ on its label I squealed! (yes I still squeal :P)


Fleur De Sel de Camargue is a favorite of connoisseurs around the world. It is hand-harvested from the Mediterranean salt marshes in the Camargue region of Provence, France. The name Fleur De Sel comes from the aroma of violets that develops as the salt dries. Only the premium, top layer of the salt bed is used. Each signature container is sealed with a cork top and bears the signature of the Plaudier (salt raker) who harvested it (as each harvest is considered a unique art form)

Fleur de sel is wonderful atop meats, potatoes and poultry, sprinkle it atop your favorite foods just prior to serving.


I feel so special now 🙂 And now knowing the name of the person who raked the salt, I dunno it’s a really nice feeling as well 🙂 I’ve read that this salt is best used as a finishing salt. It has a very intense flavour but it’s not one that instantly translates as ‘salt’. Instead it seems to just deepen and enrich the flavours that already exist. I’ve sprinkled it on regular food, as well as a buttered toast and jam 😀 Two thumbs up every time!