A Beer is a… Carib (video)

A Beer is a… Carib (video)

Carib Brewery, Eastern Main Road, Champs Fleurs Ask any Trinidadian to complete the following phrase. A beer is a … and you’ll instantly hear a loud uproarious ‘Carib’. For over 50 years the Carib Brewery has been producing Carib beer to the delight of Trinis 

Lion’s Baking Powder Commercial (video)

Call it nostalgia but it’s hard to convince me that the local commercials of the 80’s and 90’s didn’t have a certain ‘something’ that the current set lacks. There was something very magnetic about the hooks and taglines back then. Lion’s Baking Powder had a 

Where oh where have the Buffalypso gone? (video)

Where oh where have the Buffalypso gone? (video)

Image Credit: NIGO If, like me, you were a TTT baby (i.e. you grew up only knowing one channel that signed off at noon, and signed back at 2:30 p.m. with the call of “Caribbean Vibration”) then you probably also remember government promos touting the 

Emancipation Village 2010: African Food Fair Part 4 – Departure/Closing Thoughts

With our stomachs full we decided to explore the right hand side of the Fair before leaving. This area was designated to traders and vendors of handiwork, clothing, and health items. Everything looked wonderful and I wished I had walked with more money. Some even 

Emancipation Village 2010: African Food Fair Part 2 – Cassava Fries & Kelewele (video)

After passing through the entrance it was time to head straight to the food court. Food was served in 2 main areas, one officially designated “Food Court” where most of the vendors were still absent or trying to keep dry beneath white tarpaulin, and the 

Emancipation Village 2010: African Food Fair Part 1 – Arrival (video)

August 1st was Emancipation Day here in Trinidad & Tobago. A public holiday since 1985 its definition has recently been expanded as a recognition of the struggles of all the ethnic groups who came here in servitude. At its heart though it remains essentially a 

Trinigourmet’s Amazon Hotlist for July 2010

A Jamaican Patty from Rituals Trinidad is a weekly ‘ritual’ of my own 🙂 It’s the start of another month, and with that comes the posting of my monthly roundup of those items that you all have been clicking (and purchasing) this month. Ramin Ganeshram’s 

Sauté Trinbago 2010: Part 7 – Closing Thoughts (video)

For the past few days I’ve been reviewing the recently held Sauté Trinbago food event. If you’ve been following along I hope you have enjoyed the photos and videos that I’ve shared. If you’ve missed any of the posts to date you can quickly catch 

Sauté Trinbago 2010: Part 6 – Shurwayne Winchester (video)

Last to the stage was soca artiste Shurwayne Winchester. I was blown away by his set, which felt more like a mixtape on steroids. Seamless and flawless, he and his band (Y.O.U) combined elements of hiphop, his own soca hits (and those of others), and 

Sauté Trinbago 2010: Part 5 – Oasis Carnival Band Launch 2011 (video)

The next thing on the evening’s agenda was the launch of a new Carnival band Oasis. From the opening notes of Shakira’s “Ojos Asi” I was drawn in… Oasis Carnival Band Launch 2011 Playlist (6 videos) All in all I think that Oasis did an 

Sauté Trinbago 2010: Part 4 – The Evening’s Entertainment (video)

After the magnificence of the Picton Folk Performing Company’s offering, I could be forgiven for thinking that I could take a little time out between performances. The organisers however clearly had different plans. It was not long before the notes of Shakira’s “Waka Waka” started 

Sauté Trinbago 2010: Part 3 – The Picton Folk Performing Company (video)

Prior to last Saturday’s performance I was completely unaware of the existence of the Picton Folk Performing Company. As a result, I feel really grateful to Cloud Nine, the organisers of Sauté Trinbago, for the exceptional level of talent which they allowed to shine from 

Sauté Trinbago 2010: Part 2 – Blue Devils & Moko Jumbies (video)

Like moko jumbies, blue devils are mainstays of traditional Trinidadian Carnival (or ‘ole mas’ as it’s commonly called). A form of Devil Mas/Jab Molassie/Jab-Jab, blue devils are mostly associated with the Maraval hills of Paramin and have also been immortalised in song by 3 Canal