Top 10 Chicken Recipes on (September 2010)

ovenbbqchicken-1039031 1. Oven BBQ Chicken (recipe)
Although there is no substitute for BBQ from the grill, oven-baked chicken recipes are in my eyes are perfectly acceptable substitute as the results of this recipe will testify!

2. Ultimate Curry Chicken – video

Few chicken recipes are as embedded into a Trinidadian’s culinary psyche as curry chicken. In the following video Chef DEX (not connected to TriniGourmet!) offers an entertaining and informative approach to his “Ultimate Curry Chicken” dish. Watch and become a pro as you follow his very spirited step-by-step guide to preparing this local specialty in your home!

jamaicanfricasseechicken-8532093 3. Jamaican Fricassee Chicken (recipe)
Jamaican fricassee chicken is one of my mother’s favorite dishes. The end result looks quite similar to Trinidad Stewed Chicken (something I should post soon!) but the taste is quite different due to the sweet peppers and the lack of sugar browning (a technique my mother says she never knew before moving to Trinidad).
3-4550812 4. Quick Coconut Chicken Pelau (recipe)
A good pelau is a work of art and this version is a quicker truncated version of the classic recipe that retains the authenticity and method of preparation. However, if time and inclination permit, I highly recommend that you prepare this recipe in the more lengthy time-honored manner embodied by my father’s recipe Bertie’s Trinidad Pelau (see #9)
trinidadpelau-9858179 5. Bertie’s Trinidad Pelau (recipe)
Now my father is a man with a very narrow cooking repertoire, but what he does do he does well. You’ve already experienced his truly excellent pepper sauce, so why not give this one a try? 🙂 This recipe is his as he gave it to me when I moved off to college
trinidadchickenchowmein-3795327 6. Trinidad Chicken Chow Mein (recipe)
Chicken chow mein is a perennial fave of mine, especially with PLENTY of soy sauce 🙂
kungpaochicken-8037257 7. Kung Pao Chicken (recipe)
A very simple fiery and flavourful chicken dish that comes together quickly. The most unexpected part of the flavour medley is the candy-like sweetness of the fried (until charred) sweet peppers.
8. Coconut Chicken Curry (recipe)
I love recipes that come together in a flash with minimal prep and cleanup. This is one of those recipes and it was delicious! 🙂
9. Festive Chicken Fried Rice (recipe)
What do you do when your pantry is nearing critical shortages and you only have a little bit of chicken in the fridge? Cook up a quick, filling, and EXTREMELY tasty fried rice! The mushrooms, chicken, and rice can all be prepared the night before or in advance to speed things along. It goes together -very- quickly and is a favorite in my home! 😀
10. Sarina’s Savoury Peanut Chicken (recipe)
This recipe is a crunchy and surprisingly savoury delight. Contrary to my expectations the peanut flavour was quite muted as was the mint and mustard, in fact none of the flavours particularly stood out. Instead they formed a harmonious backdrop, enhancing the chicken without overpowering it.