Pholourie & Chopsticks: When Tokyo and Trinbago Collide! (video)

I am constantly amazed by what a mobile and adaptable people we Trinis are. Over on Twitter I converse with locals who have ventured to all corners of the world and while comfortable in their new lives, still want that little taste of home to ‘show off’ to others or to just give them small private comfort.

One such person who I have come into regular contact is Petra, a.k.a TokyoTrinbago. As her name conveys she is currently based in Japan and, in addition to her job, views herself as a cultural ambassador of all things Trini. Recently she asked for some tips when it came to making pholourie and I was quite excited when she shared that she would actually be making the pholourie for Tokyo television! The other day she sent me the link to view the clip online and I have to say it (and she) had me beaming from beginning to end. Check it out!

Great job Petra! Keep spreading that cheer and representing our culture! We definitely appreciate you 🙂

You can check out her blog at