Mom’s Curry Chicken and Saim

Mom’s Curry Chicken and Saim Aaaah, there’s nothing like cooking in harmony with the seasons. Currently one of my favorite vegetables, saim (a type of broad bean), is in season and like Chennette’s mom, my mother has been going a bit buckwild with it 😀 […]

Ole Year Offerings (2006): Coquito and Black Bean Hummus

Here it is, the last in my Ole Year Offerings series. And it is the ultimate in ‘last-minute’ entertaining. Neither of the dishes requires any cooking! That’s right, just combine and serve! It doesn’t get any easier than this 😀 In keeping with the ‘ […]

Quick Coconut Chicken Pelau (recipe)

Quick Coconut Chicken Pelau (recipe)

Pelau is one of Trindad’s signature national dishes and I would argue its also our definitive one-pot meal. This is the meal that we make whenever we have informal gatherings (‘limes’) either at home, at a river or on the beach. It also feeds hungry […]