Bhagi Rice [RECIPE]

Simple yet satisfying Trinidadian Bhagi Rice is a wholesome, nutritional side that complements many main dishes, including curries and stews.

Paneer Butter Masala (recipe) & Life Update!

Paneer Butter Masala (recipe) & Life Update!

Creamy and spicy Paneer Butter Masala is a fave Indian dish of mine and it’s even better when made with homemade paneer!

RECIPE: Eggplant Vegetable Medley (Instant Pot/Pressure Cooker) + Join Me On My New Twitch Journey!

Happy New Year everyone! It’s so good to be back from the Holiday ‘Break’. I hope you’re all well 🙂 I’m brimming with ideas for the blog and this brand over the next 12 months and I’ve already started rolling them out. Firstly my Patreon 

Sarina’s Coconut Rice With Lentils and Cashews (recipe)

Sarina’s Coconut Rice With Lentils and Cashews (recipe)

This recipe is a staple side dish of mine that I’ve adapted and modified at length through the years. Both colorful and flavourful I think it creates a texturally interesting background for spicy curries and other East Indian flavoured entrees. Coconut Rice with Lentils and 

Oven-Crisped Potato Latkes (recipe)

This latke recipe is adapted from one that I saw several years ago in EatingWell Magazine. It has become a perennial favourite and is one that will probably please latke purists/minimalists in the crowd. I particularly enjoy it with sour cream. Technique wise this latke 

Fried Okras (recipe)

Just a few words as I am writing this at 3:10 a.m.and am rapidly fading after a day of automechanical mishaps (ugh!) Ochroes are one of those ingredients that rapidly divide people into one of two camps, the love ’ems and leave ’ems. Well, I 

Asian Crisp Fried Noodles and Chili Vegetables (recipe)

It may seem odd to launch my Hanukkah menu series with an Asian noodle dish, but scratch the surface and you can see that it is not that far a stretch. Hanukkah after all commemorates a miracle of oil, and this is a fried dish. 

Tridoshic Dal (recipe)

Tridoshic Dal (recipe)

This Tridoshic dal comes from a cookbook that I’ve been using for years called The Ayurvedic Cookbook. I’m always interested in learning about the culinary traditions and philosophies of other cultures. Eastern cuisines in particular often fixates on the concept of warming and cooling foods. 

Arabian Vegetable Medley (recipe)

Arabian Vegetable Medley (recipe)

Don’t you just love vague ‘ethnic’ recipe titles? Coming from the American Turkey Federation I’m not sure exactly how ‘Arabian’ this recipe actually is, but despite that grey area all you really need to know is that it is very very good! Arabian Vegetable Medley 

Kelewele (recipe)

One of the things that I love about operating TriniGourmet is the wealth of knowledge and experiences that readers bring to the table. Whether it’s commenting on other’s questions left in posts, participating in the #caribbeancooks hashtag on Twitter, or contributing to my Facebook presence, 

Meatless Cassava Oiled-Down (recipe)

Oiled down (also more commonly referred to as ‘oildown’) is one of those truly transcendent West Indian delights. As I wrote, in one of this blog’s first entries: “Oil Down, is a colloquial Caribbean name for any dish of starchy vegetables cooked in coconut milk 

Fried Eggplant (recipe)

You know one of the unexpected discoveries of having a food blog is realizing how much our parents keep from us about -their- culinary pasts. Before I started TriniGourmet I thought it was reasonable to assume that the foods my parents made were accurate reflections 

Red Red (recipe)

Red-Red is a Ghanian dish I stumbled across quite accidentally while looking at a recipe for Kelewele that was kindly sent to me via my Facebook page by Corinne, a regular contributor. Traditionally served with fried plantain it is a rich, luscious and spicy combination 

Plantain (or Moko) Baked In Orange Juice (recipe)

Mom first made this recipe last year and it was a hit! Plantain is rarely showcased this formally on dinner tables and it really is a shame. In this case, lengths of ripe plantain are oven-baked with orange juice and zest. The result is creamy,