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Photo: Sookdeo BaneyMarch 30 is Spiritual Baptist/Shouter Liberation Day in Trinidad & Tobago.

From Wikipedia:

Spiritual/Shouter Baptist Liberation Day is an annual public holiday celebrated in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, on March 30. The holiday commemorates the repeal on March 30, 1951 of the 1917 Shouter Prohibition Ordinance that prohibited the activities of the Shouter or Spiritual Baptist faith.

It seems hard to believe or to fully understand the idea that practicing a faith could be considered illegal here in T&T where we pride ourselves on religous tolerance and diversity, however for many decades that was exactly what the Shouter Baptist community endured. In high school, one book that we studied “The Wine of Astonishment“, allowed us a little window into what those times were like.

Today, it is a common sight on a Sunday morning to see members of the Spiritual Baptist faith on their way to and from services in their stark white garb.

For this day I have envisioned a vegetarian lunch of truly local fare! 🙂

Wholewheat Bake
Trinidad Buljol
Baked Green Fig
Fried Ripe Plantains Over Vanilla Frozen Yogurt
Trinidad Mauby

To learn more about the Spiritual/Shouter Baptist Community visit the below:

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