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Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern: Trinidad and Tobago (video)

For the longest while I’ve been watching Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods and wondering “Gee I wonder what he would think of Trinidad?”. Well, someone must have been listening to my brain waves because the next thing I know I was reading that a Trinidad and Tobago episode of Bizarre Foods aired last month! :shocked: Fortunately some kind soul uploaded the episode to YouTube and... 

Sarina’s Spicy Ochro/Okra Melee (recipe)

Sarina's Spicy Ochro/Okra Melee (recipe)
When I heard that this month’s theme of Meeta’s Monthly Mingle was “Earth Food” I smiled. You see, I have been interested in the preservation of the environment from a very young age. Where I got this passion for conservation I’m not quite sure, but I attribute some of it to Charlie. Who is Charlie you ask? Well he was a cartoon mascot in the early 1980’s for the... 

TriniGourmet’s Most Popular Post over the last 90 days is…

TriniGourmet's Most Popular Post over the last 90 days is...
1. Trinidad Aloo Pie (recipe) Is there a Trini who hasn’t chomped on an aloo pie? It seems that I’ve been eating them as long as I can remember. They were a staple in both my primary and secondary schools’ cafeterias (or as we call them ‘tuck shops’). They are also easily found in the bakeries and eateries in and around Port-of-Spain should I want a cheap and filling... 

Sarina’s Savoury Peanut Chicken (recipe)

Sarina's Savoury Peanut Chicken (recipe)
Every since I learned that peanuts and chicken are a traditional pairing in many African cultures I have been intrigued and curious to try the combination myself. As Emancipation Day drew near I figured what could be a more perfect time to bite the bullet, or should that be “bite the peanut”? 😉 I marinated several chicken thighs in a combination of mint jelly, mustard, and pepper sauce... 

Banana Coconut Custard (recipe)

Banana Coconut Custard (recipe)
A light simple dessert for a breezy summer afternoon. The banana and coconut flavours play off each other nicely, and the custard is mildly sweet, extremely soft, and surprisingly refreshing. I tried the coconut but warm and cold and prefered it warm. As I was serving myself I left it unadorned, however if I was serving this at a dinner I would dress it up with some whipped cream, drizzled chocolate... 

Greek Frappé (recipe)

Greek Frappé (recipe)
I first learnt about Greek Frappés on a travel show. The picture that was painted of leisurely camaraderie, united by a cold iced coffee on a sunny day was one that triggered every romantic bone in my body 🙂 Curious to learn more I consulted the web and discovered that this ‘tradition’ is a relatively new one with a rather amusing ‘birth’ From Wikipedia: Frappé dates... 

Banana Bread (recipe)

Banana Bread (recipe)
So I’m down to the wire, poised like a racehorse at the starting gate, determined to meet the deadline of this month’s Bread Baking Day. So what if I waited til the last possible moment, it still counts right? 🙂 This month the theme is ‘Bread with Fruit’. Well what could be more tropical, and more classic, than banana bread? So far to date I’ve had luck with the recipes... 

Get Your C Ginger-Lime Tea (recipe)

Get Your C Ginger-Lime Tea (recipe)
A rainy day. A warm cup of ginger-lime tea. Bliss. This recipe for Ginger-Lime tea comes from Everyday With Rachael Rayand is chock-full of goodness. Fresh lime/lemon juice provides a boost of vitamin C, and grated ginger brings powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. The combination of citric sweetness and spicy heat is not just good for chilling out on an afternoon but the health benefits... 

Top 3 Fish Recipes on (July 2007)

Top 3 Fish Recipes on (July 2007)
1.Trinidad Saltfish Accra – recipe Trinidad accra are puffy fried dough balls, made of a highly seasoned dough into which shredded saltfish has been mixed. I’ve had it at weddings, gatherings, and of course bought it from street vendors – view this popular saltfish recipe here. 2. Trinidad Buljol (recipe) Yet another saltfish recipe! 🙂 Buljol is without a doubt one... 

Trackback Love: week ending July 28, 2007

Trackback Love: week ending July 28, 2007
• Dispensing Happiness: Blog Party #24 Blogger’s Choice Stephanie “The Happy Sorceress” is host to the Monthly Blog Party get-together. Every month she sets a theme that we food bloggers have to adhere to when creating our appetizer and complimentary cocktail. This month the theme was an open one. I submitted Scallion Pancakes with a sparkling Green Tea (pictured)… yummers!... 

Mango Cake (recipe)

Mango Cake (recipe)
This month’s theme of Sugar High Friday is “tropical paradise“. Well seeing as I live on the very tropical island of Trinidad this should be a cinch! 🙂 Currently, mangoes are in season and we are buried under several bags of the good stuff (courtesy of friends and neighbours) so I have been trying to use them in as many ways as possible. So far I have made my Coco-Mango smoothie,... 

Foodies Unite!: Blogging for a Good Cause

From Monday July 16th until September 3rd Ari of the über-excellent Baking and Books will be holding a fundraising raffle for the 2007 Jewish Environmental Bike Ride. She hopes to meet her goal of raising $2000 and is offering individuals one virtual raffle ticket for every $5 donated. Up for grabs are 56 cookbooks, ranging from current favorites such as David Lebovitz’s Perfect Scoop: Ice... 

TriniGourmet’s Top 3 Posts (as of July 2007)

TriniGourmet's Top 3 Posts (as of July 2007)
1. Trinidad Doubles Trinidad doubles is the ultimate local street food. Cheap. Hot. Hearty. Filling – recipe here 4. Trinidad Macaroni Pie This dish is part of the traditional Trinidadian Sunday lunch and is also offered in cubed form at BBQs and other casual outdoor functions. Feel free to play around with the proportions. – recipe here 3.Trinidad Saltfish Accra –... 

Sarina’s Caribbean Cooler (repost)

Sarina's Caribbean Cooler (repost)
As part of my summer drink series I thought I’d pull a quintessential West Indian cocktail, the Caribbean Cooler, straight from the TriniGourmet archives. This recipe originally came from my mother’s retro copy of Jamaican Cuisine (1964) and can be seen here. Feel free to replace the alcohol with soda water or a fruit juice of your choosing for a ‘virgin’ cooler 🙂  Read More →

Mom’s Curried Eggplant, Curried Pumpkin and Rice

Mom's Curried Eggplant, Curried Pumpkin and Rice
Just a photo of a random lunch mom made recently. She also made curried chicken but I wasn’t in the mood for any 🙂  Read More →

Trinigourmet Media Mentions 2007 – Caribbean Beat Magazine, Allyuh.Com, BlackWeblog Awards

Trinigourmet Media Mentions 2007 - Caribbean Beat Magazine, Allyuh.Com, BlackWeblog Awards
2007 was a bumper year for, top media accolades included: 1. Being named Best Food Blog by the Black Weblog Awards. 2. Being named a Top Ten Trini blog by 3. Being cited in Caribbean Beat Magazine’s feature article “Cooking In Cyberspace”. Also: Good Luck Deluxe: Let’s Visit Trinidad & Tobago Good... 

Scallion Pancakes and Sarina’s Sparkling Green Tea (recipe)

Scallion Pancakes and Sarina's Sparkling Green Tea (recipe)
Several months ago, Canadian food blogger kslobodian (who was also the subject of my second Nyam interview) posted a recipe for Green Onion pancakes. Green onion pancakes (or scallion pancakes as I know them) were something that I was introduced to during my college years in Massachusetts. They quickly became a staple of each visit that I (and my good friend Shyama) would make to our town’s... 

Regal ‘Olive Oil’ – A Pomace Disgrace

Regal 'Olive Oil' - A Pomace Disgrace
There really is no substitute for extra-virgin olive oil, something that I’m sure every foodie would attest to. However finding decent olive oil is getting harder and harder for me at my local supermarket. It wasn’t always this way. Up until several months ago they carried several foreign brands in convenient 250ml containers. Sure they were a little pricey but I considered the expense... 

Army Of Chocolate Biscotti

Army Of Chocolate Biscotti
Like most food bloggers I have amassed a huge set of backlinks to recipes that I want to ‘try’ one day 🙂 In fact, I would not be hurt if no one believes me anymore when I comment on their blog that I have bookmarked their recipe to try, as it appears that I never seem to get around to it. Well I have set a challenge to myself to become more proactive when it comes to actually putting... 

Angostura 1919 (Germany Promo)

Angostura 1919 (Germany Promo)
Angostura 1919 @  Read More →

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