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BBM 2.0 – Bovetti Savory Artisan Chocolate

BBM 2.0 - Bovetti Savory Artisan Chocolate
Bovetti Artisan Chocolate! I had never known about this company (surprise surprise) so I went online and found You know you are dealing with a French website when you click on “English” and the language is still French 😆 Fortunately some of my CXC (high school) French was still rolling around my head and I was able to navigate to some pages that were actually in English!... 

BBM 2.0 – Dolfin Dark Chocolate with Cinnamon from Ceylan

BBM 2.0 - Dolfin Dark Chocolate with Cinnamon from Ceylan
This chocolate bar was as divine to unwrap as it was to consume. It came in a plastic sealed package that reminded me of my father’s old school tobacco pouches 🙂 I am a huge lover of dark chocolates, so I was in 7th heaven with this bar! What was most peculiar about this bar was that although the cinnamon smell was intense, you didn’t actually taste the cinnamon until the chocolate... 

Sugar High Friday #27: Chocolate By Brand

Sugar High Friday #27: Chocolate By Brand
So the roundup for Sugar High Friday #27: Chocolate by Brand is here! 🙂 This time it was hosted by the very smiley David Lebovitz, author of Room For Dessert : 110 Recipes for Cakes, Custards, Souffles, Tarts, Pies, Cobblers, Sorbets, Sherbets, Ice Creams, Cookies, Candies, and Cordials, Ripe for Dessert: 100 Outstanding Desserts With Fruit–Inside, Outside, Alongside and, only naturally, The... 

Trinidad Barfi (recipe)

Trinidad Barfi (recipe)
Barfi is one of those traditional Indo-Trinidadian sweets that one consumes when attending many a Hindu or Moslem celebration. I have seen it referred to (on websites) as an East Indian fudge or Indian cheesecake. Maybe these descriptions accurately capture the East Indian version, however they fall short of capturing the taste and feeling of Trinidadian barfi. Here in Trinidad, barfi has a distinctly... 

Ole Year Offerings (2006): Trinidad Goolab Jamoon and Sarina’s Passionate Mint Tea

Ole Year Offerings (2006): Trinidad Goolab Jamoon and Sarina's Passionate Mint Tea
So far I have only shared savory dishes for New Year’s so I thought it was time to mix it up with something sweet! Especially since the theme of this month’s Sugar High Friday was Sugar Art! Goolab jamoon is a sweet finger food that is commonly served at Indian weddings, pujas and other celebrations here in Trinidad. It is made from a creamy fragrant dough that is deep fried and then... 

Rumprint Cookies

Rumprint Cookies
I made these cookies for my mother’s birthday several weeks back. They are a first place winning recipe from the 1994 Chicago Tribune Annual Food Guide Holiday Cookie Contest. Made with really trashy rum they really packed a punch. Since there are not many ingredients I really recommend using a high quality butter, and watch the bases carefully, they can brown really quickly!  Read More →

Coconut Sugar Cake

Coconut Sugar Cake
Coconut sugar cakes are known to every school child in Trinidad and Tobago. These confections are one of several ‘tuck shop’ (cafeteria) staples and are also commonly available from corner stores and street vendors. Made from grated coconut they are traditionally cut into squares comprised of 2 layers and/or colors (one pink, the other white). As the only binder used is crystallized sugar... 

Coconut Scented Rum Truffles

Coconut Scented Rum Truffles
Well Sugar High Friday #25 is up on me! I decided that I would try my hand at something that I’m calling Coconut Scented Rum Truffles (for now) 😉 I decided to make the filling with bittersweet chocolate, coconut cream and rum. The coating is semisweet chocolate. Half of the truffles were also sprinkled with light brown sugar for some disco-tastic sparkle. Overall I’m happy with the... 

The History of the Pineapple Upside-Down Cake (with recipe)

The History of the Pineapple Upside-Down Cake (with recipe)
It seems hard to believe that the Pineapple Upside Down cake has not always been with us, however in reality canned pineapples were not available until 1903 when Jim Dole of the Hawaiian Pineapple Company (now Dole Pineapple) perfected a way to tin them. So where did people get the idea of putting fruit at the bottom of a cake pan? Well this technique has been around since the Middle Ages. Traditionally... 

Thanksgiving Recipes – Island Style

Thanksgiving Recipes - Island Style
If I was to host a Tropical Thanksgiving, what would I serve? That question has been in my head with all the Thanksgiving promotions on the US television channels. So, for this post I thought that I would troll the ol blogosphere for Thanksgiving recipes with an ‘island twist’ that all can enjoy! It seems (from the telly) that everyone in the US celebrates Thanksgiving regardless of race,... 

Strawberry-Almond Shortcakes (San Francisco Chronicle’s Top Recipe of 2005)

Strawberry-Almond Shortcakes (San Francisco Chronicle's Top Recipe of 2005)
A generous helping of ripe strawberries and a billowy cloud of softly whipped cream fill these homemade shortcakes, which are easily made in a food processor and have a drop-biscuit consistency. A crunchy textural contrast comes from toasted sliced almonds and sugar crystals that bake on top of the cakes.  Read More →

Rosemary Polenta Pound Cake (San Francisco Chronicle’s Top Recipe of 1991)

Rosemary Polenta Pound Cake (San Francisco Chronicle's Top Recipe of 1991)
The following recipe for Rosemary Polenta Pound Cake creates a finished product, delicately scented with fresh rosemary, with a perfect savory-sweet balance and lovely texture.  Read More →

Kelley’s Cooking Tips

• For easy peeling of hard boiled eggs, add a few drops of oil to some water. Crack the eggs and let stand in oil and water solution for a few minutes. • When reheating a slice of pizza in a microwave, run the bottom of the crust under the faucet. The water will cause a small amount of steam in the microwave which will keep the crust from becoming hard and brittle. • If your cake sticks to the... 

Chocolate Rum-Raisin Cake

This moist chocolate cake is overflowing with rum flavoring and raisins. It’s great coated with whipped cream or served hot with custard. That’s homemade pumpkin custard in the picture! 🙂 My recipe makes one 9 or 10 inch tube pan (14 servings). Ingredients: 1 cup water 1/4 cup rum 2/3 cup chopped raisins 3/4 cup butter 1 egg 1 1/4 cups white sugar 1 2/3 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon... 

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