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An Evening At The Chef’s Table – Woodlands Inn, South Carolina, USA

An Evening At The Chef's Table - Woodlands Inn, South Carolina, USA
Does anyone else here like to watch Michael Lomonaco on the Travel Channel’s Epicurious? Oh he’s such a delight! I adore him! Well right now they’re showing old episodes with a very annoying female sidekick so I’ve stopped watching, but when it’s just him I definitely set aside time to see what’s up. About two months ago he showcased the historic Woodlands Inn... 

Trinidadian Food (through other culture’s eyes)

Trinidadian Food (through other culture's eyes)
It’s always fun and amusing to see yourself (and your culture) through another’s eyes. I have over this weekend had this opportunity, not one but, two times! Firstly I was mentioned by one of my favorite food bloggers Cooking With Amy! There are no words for how awesome I found that Secondly, my recipe for Trinidad Black Cake was mentioned in the Festive Food Fair roundup (along with... 

Taste of Home Magazine

Taste of Home Magazine
Several weeks ago I saw the editor of Taste of Home Magazine on Sara’s Secrets. I thought that the concept of the magazine sounded appealing (reader-submitted and tested recipes), so I jotted down the name. Am a tad worried though that it may be nothing but overcheesed casseroles and pies? If anyone knows anything more about it do let me know! You can check out their website by visiting  Read More →

Shop @ Veni Mangé

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I’ve opened up an Amazon (aStore) called Veni Mangé for TriniGourmet. Veni Mang?ɬ�, which is Trinidadian Creole for ‘Come and Eat’, as I’ve written earlier is the whole mindset behind Sadly to say there are a lot of bogus cookbooks out there where Caribbean food is concerned. If you are interested in authenticity... 

How Familiar are you with Caribbean Cuisine?

Help me to improve by answering this simple question. It should only take a minute and your answer will help me to add new features to the site. I’ll be posting the results in the near future. Thanks for your input How Familiar Are You With Caribbean Cuisine? Very Familiar (54%) Not Familiar (20%) Somewhat Familiar (14%) I've had a dish or two (12%) Total Votes:... 

Oil Down

Oil Down
Oil Down, is a colloquial Caribbean name for any dish of vegetables cooked in coconut milk until all the milk is absorbed and the ingredients have turned into a creamy mush (or have ‘oiled down’). The two most popular oil downs are breadfruit oil down and cassava oil down. Oil down is really something to experience first-hand, I am not sure that I can convey the creamy, buttery, saltiness... 

Pumpkin Hummus

Tonight, while perusing my Blogroll I came across an exciting recipe for Pumpkin Hummus! I will -definitely- be trying this recipe at a later date and will post my results (and any changes) in the near future. Yumm!  Read More →

Making Homemade Pasta (excitement and trepidation)

Making Homemade Pasta (excitement and trepidation)
Ever since I read a memoir about homemade noodles in Bridges journal several years ago I have been enthralled by the idea of making my own pasta. Still, I am yet to do so. Why? Mainly intimidation. what if I bomb? What if i make a mess of it aiaiaiai… can you tell I have a perfectionist streak? Recently a channel here in Trinidad began showing programs from the Food Network for between 90 minutes... 

Veni Mangé

Veni Mangé (VEN-ee MAR-jay), a Trinidadian creole expression for “Let’s Eat”, sums up the ethos of As a self-taught devotee of all things culinary I enjoy finding new ways to express my own Trinidadian and Jamaican heritages in the kitchen. On these pages it is my hope that I will successfully be able to convey my love of cooking, culture and international cuisine...