Bagna Romano (recipe)

My anchovy fixation continues and everyone in my home is loving it! This recipe for Bagna Romano couldn’t be any simpler. Pasta, anchovies, garlic and cheese. That’s it! The pasta is so delicious it is a meal in itself! From: Cooking with Three Ingredients: Flavorful 

Trini Fish Puff

Fish puffs are a staple in Trini bakeries. Usually stuffed with creamy fish paste (or chicken) in a piped choux pastry. They are delicious!

Tuna-Potato Casserole (recipe)

I expanded this one dish meal from a recipe in one of those little checkout aisle booklets that my mom has held on to from the 70’s 🙂 We served it with a crisp vegetable salad on the side. I think it’s a pretty flexible 

Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce (recipe)

In February I made several dishes based on the start of the Chinese New Year. This was one of them, I’ll be posting the other 2 in the near future as well. 🙂

Fried Bake ‘n Fish (recipe)

‘Shark n Bake’ is -the- ultimate beach food here in Trinidad (although it can be bought in other places as well). Its epicentre (where i’ve been told the dish was also first created) is Maracas Bay (which is also the most popular beach on the 

Trinidad Hot Baked Fish (recipe)

When I originally found this recipe on I was instantly wary. You see I keep stumbling across recipes that begin with the word Trinidad or Caribbean that then go on to have little resemblance either through ingredients or methodology to what I’m familiar with. 

Trinidad Buljol (recipe)

Salted codfish, tomatoes and the hottest peppers known to man. Probably not the most scintillating combination on paper, but believe me one taste and you -will- be hooked! Buljol is without a doubt one of my favorite breakfast foods. I love the way that the 

Cooking Tips From The Pros

From (a culinary online magazine written by chefs) comes the following “Cooking Tips From The Pros”. Cooking With Olive Oil Do not saute (fry) food in good olive oil. High quality olive oils contain small particles from the olives that the oil was pressed