Coconut Sweetbread [Recipe] + Only 6 Days Left in my Special Patreon Famalay Offer!

A while back on my Instagram/Facebook Stories I asked which recipes I should post next. Coconut sweetbread was a popular choice! What a great excuse to get flour back on my hands, which is exactly what I did to prepare this loaf for my most 

Sarina’s Vegetarian “Paramin Surprise” Sandwich” (I’m on to the Semi-Finals!) (recipe)

“And the winner is…” My breath froze as I waited to hear the next words from Joel Villafana, host of the popular morning program “Cup of Joe”. When he said “Sarina Bland of” I was just about ready to pass out! That day had 

Iced Lemon Ginger Tea (recipe)

Iced Lemon Ginger Tea (recipe)

As promised, here is the recipe for the Iced Ginger Lemon Tea which was the beverage component of my submission to the 40th installment of Happy Sorceress’ Blog Party series. This drink is wonderfully refreshing and has a soft muted tone, thanks to the use 

Banana-Papaya Smoothie (recipe)

Since 2009 I have actively incorporated more raw and vegan dishes into my regular diet and have found the benefits to be multifold. For one my body hasn’t succumbed to flus the way it regularly did in the past and I have found that many 

Sarina’s Trinidad-Style Garlic Sauce (recipe)

No Trini condiment series would be complete without a recipe for garlic sauce. Garlic sauce is one of those local favourites that can be found everywhere from beachside stands , to popular ‘grill’ joints as well as streetside food vendors. Indeed many street vendors have 

Sarina’s Pigeon Peas and Rice (recipe)

This dish of pigeon peas and rice was the perfect accompaniment to the Crispy Lemon Chicken that I made earlier this year. The rice and peas are cooked together in a rich combination of fresh thyme and coconut milk with wedges of tomatoes and (if 

Kicking Ice Cream Up A Notch – Trini Style!

Kicking Ice Cream Up A Notch – Trini Style!

Have you tried splashing Angostura bitters on your ice cream? Because Angostura has a light uplifting flavour with some citrusy undertones I find it works better with pale colored icecreams like vanilla and citrus-flavored icecreams like orange and lemon. This post was originally published November 

Sarina’s Coconut Rice With Lentils and Cashews (recipe)

Sarina’s Coconut Rice With Lentils and Cashews (recipe)

This recipe is a staple side dish of mine that I’ve adapted and modified at length through the years. Both colorful and flavourful I think it creates a texturally interesting background for spicy curries and other East Indian flavoured entrees. Coconut Rice with Lentils and 

Green Olive Tapenade (recipe)

Green Olive Tapenade (recipe)

Tapenades are one of my entertaining ‘secret weapons’. Blend a few ingredients, add a drizzle of olive oil, some salt and pepper and people think you have been slaving for hours 😆 This one for Green Olive tapenade is one of my favourites. Because there 

Trinidad Kurma (recipe)

Kurma is one of my favourite Trinidadian snacks. Fried mouthfuls of spiced dough in a sugary glaze, they can be found and purchased throughout the island at school ‘tuck shops’, pharmacies, supermarkets and corner shops. East Indian in origin they are also a staple treat 

Pesto Latkes (recipe)

How cute are these ‘latkes’? 🙂 I have to put the quotation marks because they are neither fried, nor flat (oh the sacrilege!). But… they are so light, crisp and flavourful that I can’t get too worked up so do ignore my faux outrage 🙂 

Oven-Crisped Potato Latkes (recipe)

This latke recipe is adapted from one that I saw several years ago in EatingWell Magazine. It has become a perennial favourite and is one that will probably please latke purists/minimalists in the crowd. I particularly enjoy it with sour cream. Technique wise this latke 

Fried Okras (recipe)

Just a few words as I am writing this at 3:10 a.m.and am rapidly fading after a day of automechanical mishaps (ugh!) Ochroes are one of those ingredients that rapidly divide people into one of two camps, the love ’ems and leave ’ems. Well, I 

Cassava Porridge (recipe)

As long-time readers of Trinigourmet would know, I am something of a porridge junkie. My own particular affinity is for cornmeal porridge, however that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a wide array of others that are familiar to the Caribbean home. In recent months I