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The Hardest Year

The Hardest Year
    The title of this post is The Hardest Year, but I should probably also call it the The Hardest Post, as it is one I have been drafting and re-drafting over the past 5 months. On September 21st, 2015 I lost my father to cancer. It brought to an end a journey that has been one of the hardest and loneliest experiences I’ve had to date. I’m really sorry that... 

In Trinidad, Christmas is Parang! (video & holiday recipe roundup)

In Trinidad, Christmas is Parang! (video & holiday recipe roundup)
This entry is part 1 of 10 in the series Trini ChristmasWhat is Parang? Well Parang is the soundtrack to Christmas here in Trinidad. More than that however Parang is also a culture, a way of life that sweeps through my island after the lights of Eid and Divali have been put away. The What is Parang? webpage has a wonderful overview of the history and features of Trinidad Parang. ‘Parang’... 

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (2015 Brunch/Supper Menu)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (2015 Brunch/Supper Menu)
Happy 2015 everyone! I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for your readership and support in 2014. It was a rocky year both personally and professionally, as I continue to navigate the rather rocky road of full-time bloggership. Numerous family emergencies meant that my posting schedule was more erratic than I would have liked, and technical mishaps didn’t help... 

Vegan Recipes from Trinidad and Tobago

Vegan Recipes from Trinidad and Tobago
Curried Pumpkin and Rice – a popular Vegan Recipe on From time to time people reach this site by running a search for “Vegan recipes from Trinidad and Tobago”. Veganism as a movement isn’t very pronounced here however many of our most popular dishes (such as doubles) are actually vegan, and many are easily adaptable to vegan requirements. I am currently going... 

Join the ‘Breadifesto’!

Join the 'Breadifesto'!
When I originally posted the above (in May 2007) my Mother and I had started regularly making our own bread in bulk. In the years since my Mom was diagnosed with celiac disease and I myself cut back immensely on my own flour intake. As a result, my breadmaking is now much less frequent but it’s something that I still do enjoy. Unfortunately the cost of living still continues to rise, making... 

Ghosts of Our Culinary Past – Sylvia Hunt’s “Proud Legacy of Our People”

Ghosts of Our Culinary Past – Sylvia Hunt's
Several years ago, the UK based Trini food blogger Can Cook Must Cook posted on “Those Disappearing Pleasures”, the snacks of her childhood which no longer appear on Trini shop shelves. Out of the names she called I could only recognize ‘rock cake’. Bellyful? Shaddock Candy? Kaser Balls? Wha dat? This made me more than a little sad. Apparently many of these items fell out... 

Angostura Bitters – The Taste of Trinidad (BlogHer Editor’s Pick)

Angostura Bitters - The Taste of Trinidad (BlogHer Editor's Pick)
When I was studying in the USA it seemed that every bar had Angostura bitters on its shelves. I realized that to Americans this tiny bottle was seen as a cocktail ingredient. How so very different from here in Trinidad where Angostura bitters is a staple in every kitchen, and is used to flavour everything from soups, to roasts, to ice cream! Growing up a few drops of Angostura in a glass of warm water... 

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival: Part 8 – Machel Montano

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival: Part 8 - Machel Montano
No Carnival writeup would be complete, especially this year without mention of the ever-popular yet ever-controversial Machel Montano. From an earlier incarnation of his MySpace page: Machel Montano began his career in 1982 at age seven. As early as 1984, he formed his band Panasonic Express now called XTATIK. Machels debut album TOO YOUNG TO SOCA, released in 1985, was an instant hit which earned... 

Storing Wine: Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

Storing Wine: Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions
Over at you can find answers to frequently asked questions about storing wine. Questions include: • Should I be storing the wine I drink everyday in a special way or place? • Where should I store wine I don’t plan to drink immediately? • Where should I store wine after it is opened? • How long will an open bottle of wine keep? Thanks to their answers I have decided... 

Kicking Ice Cream Up A Notch – Trini Style!

Kicking Ice Cream Up A Notch - Trini Style!
Have you tried splashing Angostura bitters on your ice cream? Because Angostura has a light uplifting flavour with some citrusy undertones I find it works better with pale colored icecreams like vanilla and citrus-flavored icecreams like orange and lemon. This post was originally published November 23, 2006. It has been updated once since.  Read More →

A Beer is a… Carib (video)

A Beer is a... Carib (video)
Carib Brewery, Eastern Main Road, Champs Fleurs Ask any Trinidadian to complete the following phrase. A beer is a … and you’ll instantly hear a loud uproarious ‘Carib’. For over 50 years the Carib Brewery has been producing Carib beer to the delight of Trinis both at home and abroad. I know that for myself seeing a Carib sign in a pub or a bar abroad was enough to make me... 


“Universal suffrage is the only guarantee against despotism.” – May Wright Sewall My finger as it appeared in 2007 and as it shall appear by Monday evening. Tomorrow, Monday 24th, we Trinbagonians return to the polls to determine who our country’s next Prime Minister will be. I’m not going to tell you who you should align yourself with, I’m... 

Trinidadian Roti – An Overview (video)

Trinidadian Roti - An Overview (video)
Roti. Four little letters that have the power to put any Trini into a smile-infused stupor 🙂 Along with pelau I consider it one of Trinidad’s national dishes. East Indian in origin Trinidad roti has now become its own entity with several variants offered to the sidewalk or fast food consumer. So, what exactly is roti? Wikipedia to the rescue! Never mind that they spell tawa with a ‘v’???... 

Eating “After Dark”: Recipe Books for the Frisky Foodie

Well, well, well looks like a simple Google search for recipes containing avocado and honey, has led me unknowingly into the seedier side of the Foodie-verse. Yes my dears, did you know that there is a whole section of cookbooks devoted to the goals of seduction and sensual (culinary) surprise? The interplay of food and physical desire are as old as time. Just look at the biblical Song of Songs or... 

Frustration: A Baking Haiku

Frustration: A Baking Haiku
My first attempt sits Trinidad Butter Loaf, sigh How do you make yours?  Read More →

Dem Tiefin’ We?!?: Copyright infringment and the local blogging community

Dem Tiefin' We?!?: Copyright infringment and the local blogging community
Graffiti Art – Queen’s Park Savannah This post was originally published on November 11, 2008. It has been updated 3 times since then. Last Update November 5, 2010 This post was originally written in November 2008 when I was shocked to learn that an application on Facebook was flagrantly using my images. I’m no stranger to finding my images on other people’s sites and I’m... 

New Commenting System Up!

New Commenting System Up!
Hi everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I recently upgraded the way that comments operate on Previously I moderated every comment as the site receives a strange amount of hateful comments/attacks that I would rather not publish, and as to be expected, a fair amount of spam as well. Unfortunately as the comments can be quite numerous at... 

Is Your Oven Correct? (Why It’s Important To Calibrate)

Is Your Oven Correct? (Why It's Important To Calibrate)
Do you trust your oven? A lot of times I get questions from readers criticizing how a recipe came out and demanding that I change the instructions or details 🙂 It always somewhat amuses me that clearly -I’m- the one to blame if -their- attempt comes out wrong 🙂 One simple suggestion that I make, and I make it from my own experience, is to always keep a thermometer in your oven. “But... 

TWD: Cottage Cheese Pufflets

TWD: Cottage Cheese Pufflets
I hate.. hate… HATE when a recipe gets the best of me. It’s a control thing, I freely admit it. But after 3 valiant attempts I must grudgingly, and rather apologetically confess that this deceptively simple dessert beat me bad. The first time I attempted it, the dough was an utter disaster. Via several google searches I learnt that this problem seems to be a common one for bakers in hot,... 

Bussin’ Coconut

Bussin' Coconut
Every now and again I get criticized by a reader for using ‘shortcuts’ in my recipes. Whether it’s a frozen this or a grated that, I’m bound to hear from someone who thinks that unless I grew it, picked it and shelled it myself, I’m really nothing but a lazy bum. Well criticism noted and embraced! I -am- a lazy bum (in my downtime), and I love the conveniences that modern... 

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