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• Lighter Portions: Summer Schlop and Some Culinary Fun Kristie at Lighter Portions used my Vegetarian Potstickers as an inspiration for her wonton wrapper surplus. Her results look divine and I’m glad that she enjoyed them 🙂 She also seems to be interested in more 

TriniGourmet’s Top 10 Recipes over the last 90 Days (February 2009)

TriniGourmet’s Top 10 Recipes over the last 90 Days (February 2009)

1. Punch de Creme (recipe) Punch de Creme, is one of Trinidad’s traditional Christmas drinks. It is a rum drink, basically our version of eggnog. 2. Pumpkin Pone (recipe) This recipe for Pumpkin Pone came from the Naparima Girls High School Cookbookand is cited as 

Shandy Carib

Everyone who knows me knows that I have the alcohol tolerance of a 5 day old Pomeranian puppy. So, for me drinking a Shandy or two is the furthest I usually go when it comes to flights of intoxication. (Except for the occasional martini or 

Green Sands

It was some time ago when I learnt via Can Cook Must Cook that one of my childhood faves was back on the block! Growing up, a sip of Green Sands was a really big deal as it was the closest that I was allowed 

REVIEW: Paradis de la Creme, MovieTowne, Invaders’ Bay

    MovieTowne is turning into quite a culinary hub for those in North-West Trinidad. When it first opened it was a bit of a wasteland (outside of the cineplex). The biggest non-movie attraction for the longest while was ‘Shakers’, an outdoor pub/bar. However over 

REVIEW: Vegetarian Express : Easy, Tasty, and Healthy Menus in 28 Minutes(or Less!)

Well there you go. I normally don’t post pictures of myself as I am a rather private person, however YumSugar’s “Show us your cookbooks” online event was just the thing for me to ‘momentarily’ come out of hiding 🙂 The book that I am holding 

TriniGourmet’s Most Popular Post over the last 90 days is…

1. Trinidad Aloo Pie (recipe) Is there a Trini who hasn’t chomped on an aloo pie? It seems that I’ve been eating them as long as I can remember. They were a staple in both my primary and secondary schools’ cafeterias (or as we call 

TriniGourmet’s Top 3 Posts (as of July 2007)

TriniGourmet’s Top 3 Posts (as of July 2007)

1. Trinidad Doubles Trinidad doubles is the ultimate local street food. Cheap. Hot. Hearty. Filling – recipe here 4. Trinidad Macaroni Pie This dish is part of the traditional Trinidadian Sunday lunch and is also offered in cubed form at BBQs and other casual outdoor 

Kyocera’s Perfect Peeler?

I love seeing what kitchen gadgets are hot on the market. I freely confess that if I had the budget I would buy and try every single one of them! 🙂 This month the Food Network featured a product called Kyocera Perfect Ceramic Peeler that 

The Nut Roaster

Yet another find that I thought I’d share, it’s been getting some good reviews! 🙂 The Back to Basics PCNR Nut Roaster gives you the ability to quickly and easily create a favorite snack in your own kitchen. Intended for glazing a variety of hard 

Top 3 Posts on TriniGourmet over the last 30 days (June 2007)

1. Gub Gub ‘Navy Bean’ Salad with Feta Cheese (recipe) Filling. Nutritious. Flavourful! 🙂 – recipe here 2. Fudgy Chocolate Cake ‘Brownies’ (recipe) This recipe wins on every front. It calls for very simple basic ingredients (most of which should already be in your pantry), 

REVIEW: Häagen Dazs – Ellerslie Plaza, Maraval

I was first introduced to Häagen Dazs when I lived in the US so it was with great joy that I received the news several years ago that Häagen Dazs would be distributed locally via local supermarkets! Although the prices were astronomical, the quality of 

REVIEW: The Good Home Cookbook

Last November Richard J. Perry, the author of The Good Home Cookbook: More Than 1000 Classic American Recipescirculated a request to foodbloggers to review his new cookbook in exchange for a free copy. Being someone who loves cookbooks, as well as freebies, I merrily threw 

S.Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants

Several months ago I was excited and surprised to be asked to join the Caribbean panel for The S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants survey. Of course I said yes! Two weeks ago my official thank you letter, and the issue of Restaurant magazine that presented